In 2005 and 2006 we filmed the birth and the first year of life of 4 girls from 4 continents. All of them were borned in a fragile context, mostly due to war and extreme poverty. Secret was borned right after the civil war in Liberia, Noelia did it in a indigenous family of Bolivia, Alaishri came to this world in the middle of tough tribal conflict in Assam, India, and Daniela, the daughter of a congolese undocumented immigrant, was borned in the floor of a flat in Sweden. 10 years later, we have come back to see how they are and how their lifes have evolved, if they their lives have improved or have worsened. Through their stories the film shows how the place you are borned totally determines your life.

- Our production company -

La Lupa Produccions is a film and TV production company.
We specialise in documenting real life. We aim to tell peoples' stories from a different perspective - to relay them in a more curious, more human, shocking and engaging way. To achieve this, we work on projects (primarily our own) that will leave a mark on the audience
by stirring emotions, provoking thought, and entertaining them too.

We named our company la lupa meaning 'magnifying glass' because
we make and produce documentaries to magnify details and untold
–at times unjust- realities. We also work on audiovisuals for
exhibitions, advertising and corporate videos, pilot programmes,
and consulting on external projects.