The Peach Blossom Garden

Trailer of the documentary produced by La Lupa Produccions, LIC China and TV3. Written and directed by Oriol Martínez and Enric Ribes. Executive producer Oriol Gispert and Marta Palacín

Qian Anhua is a millionaire businessman of new China. Philosopher, poet, musician, daring, extravagant and unorthodox, he has an obsession: that the workers of his factory must be happy. He invests a lot of money in their welfare. Now Qian has found something extraordinary to offer them. An old tradition coming from Southern Europe…

- Our production company -

La Lupa Produccions is a film and TV production company.
We specialise in documenting real life. We aim to tell peoples' stories from a different perspective - to relay them in a more curious, more human, shocking and engaging way. To achieve this, we work on projects (primarily our own) that will leave a mark on the audience
by stirring emotions, provoking thought, and entertaining them too.

We named our company la lupa meaning 'magnifying glass' because
we make and produce documentaries to magnify details and untold
–at times unjust- realities. We also work on audiovisuals for
exhibitions, advertising and corporate videos, pilot programmes,
and consulting on external projects.