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The American

TVE / Televisió de Catalunya

The American

Documentary, 52', (2007)

There are moments that define a whole life. In 1950 an American reporter, Eugene Smith, traveled to Deleitosa, a village in Extremadura, to photograph the poor side of Spain for Life magazine. He spent a month in the village. His subsequent reportage was a big success, and for some of the villagers it changed their lives forever.

The most interesting story is the one about Josefa. She appeared in the centre of one of Smith’s mythical photo holding a wake over her deceased grandfather. A man in Fresno, California, saw the photo and fell in love with Josefa. He started sending her letters and presents and ended up wanting to marry her, but in the end it came to nothing. Nearly 60 years later we have met with Josefa on the Costa Brava and we found the American, a certain Charles Calusdian. Her reaction is astonishing.

Directed by: Lluís Jené.
With collaboration from Oriol Gispert.
Two versions co-produced with TVE Spanish Television and TVC Catalan Television.