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Mined lives

TV3 / ETB / Aragón TV / Canal 9 / Canal Sur / Telemadrid

Mined lives

Documentary, two versions 52’ and 30’, (2008)

Gervasio Sánchez is a prestigious war photographer who has been to all the armed conflicts of the last 30 years. A committed and critical photographer, he decided to follow the lives of some victims of anti-personal landmines in different places. Our story centres around three such cases: Adis in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sokheum in Cambodia and Sofia from Mozambique. Gervasio returns 10 years after their accidents to continue his portraits of these victims who he now thinks of as his children.

Directed by: Lluís Jené and Oriol Gispert.
Co-produced with: Televisió de Catalunya, Euskal Telebista and Aragón Televisión.

Manos Unidas Prize (2008), Prize for Best Picture in the International Festival FIGRA (2009).
Educational Prize in Festival de Cine de Pamplona (2009).
Mirada Social Prize in Muestra Internacional de Cine y Derechos Humanos (2010).

This documentary was shown at the Gervasio Sanchez’s exhibition ‘Vidas Minadas’ which tours various cultural centres in the world.