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30 min, 2017

The island of Formentera is surrounded by the largest Posidonia meadow in the world.

It has taken 100 years for each stem to reach one meter long, and it can be pulled off in a few seconds by lifting anchor of a ship.

This marine plant is the key of the island's ecosystem. It is the refuge of the fish, the protection for the beaches, and also the secret of the blue of Formentera. When the plant changes its leaves, they accumulate in the beaches. The tourist don’t want them there, so they have to be removed. Far from being considered garbage, as it was done many years ago, it can be used as insulating for construction, as we will see in the official protection houses that IVABI is building in Sant Ferran.
A series of human stories intertwine on the island, all connected by the Posidonia.An overview about new ways of living, more conscious about what surrounds us, more respectful, more witty and more human.